Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

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Lose Weight Strategies To Lose Weight

When it comes to weight-loss techniques, slow and steady may win the race but it doesn’t stop some people from looking for the fastest way to shed excess pounds. If you’re one of these people, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you some strategies to lose weight quickly and safely.

Lose Weight Quickly Remember Muscle Cells Weigh More Than Fat Cells

A distinction should be made between weight loss and fat loss, which many people think are one and the same thing. Remember that muscle cells weigh more than fat cells; this means that you could lose weight and yet get fatter. The opposite is also possible – you may have experienced being surprised to see that your weight has remained the same and yet you know you have slimmed down because your clothes fit better.

So, how do you get rid of your excess pounds the fastest way yet stay healthy?

Avoid Sweetened Beverages and Drink Water

The first thing you should do is ban sweetened beverages from your diet entirely – sodas, especially, and even fruit juice. Not only do they contain an unhealthy amount of sugar; their liquid form allows them to be converted into fat a lot quicker than solid foods. Beer and milk also belong to the banned list. Stick to water – 8 glasses minimum per day – and green tea and black coffee, no sugar.

Opt for complex carbohydrates found in whole grains, whole-wheat bread, and brown rice. Because of their complex structure, they take more time for the body to break down. As a result the body burns more calories in the process. Vegetables and beans contain good carbs. Simple carbs found in white bread, potatoes, rice and other cereals are to be avoided.

Include protein in your diet. You should get it from lean meat and poultry but be sure to remove the skin when eating chicken. Proteins help you lose weight by keeping your appetite in check.

Treat Yourself When You’ve Reached A Goal and Eat Those Forbidden Foods

Once in a while (perhaps once weekly), set your diet aside and eat all the forbidden foods you had to give up – chocolates, ice cream, lasagna, etc. This will rev up your metabolic rate which tends to slow down after a period of dieting; this is what causes you to regain the pounds you had lost when you stop or go off your diet. Eating high-fat and high-calorie foods occasionally will keep your metabolic rate high and burning fat efficiently. Think of it as a reward; it will keep you motivated and on track in your weight-loss program.

These techniques may seem radical but they have a scientific basis, and they’re safe. Your goal is to lose as much fat as you can in the shortest time possible but without endangering your health.

And since you’re after speedy weight reduction, you might also try a weight-loss supplement. You need to do some research, though, on what supplements are safe to take. Some weight-loss products have been banned or withdrawn from the market because they were found to contain toxic or carcinogenic components, or caused severe side effects.

There are several weight-loss products out there, but there’s a diet pill that is fast getting recognized for its effectiveness. Proactol, made with 100% natural ingredients, is now being recommended by several doctors. But don’t take our word for it. A word of caution, though: consult your physician first if it is right for you.


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